Pineapple Rani (Price per Pc/Approx. 900gms to 1.1kg)

Rs. 120 Rs. 160

Here are  impressive health benefits of pineapple.

  • Pineapples are not only rich in nutrients but also loaded with antioxidants — molecules that help your body ward off oxidative stress.

    Oxidative stress is caused by an abundance of free radicals, unstable molecules that cause cell damage often linked to chronic inflammation, weakened immune health, heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers

  • Pineapples also contain trace amounts of phosphorus, zinc, calcium, and vitamins A and K.

    As you can see, this fruit is particularly rich in vitamin C and manganese. Vitamin C is essential for immune health, iron absorption, and growth and development, while manganese offers antioxidant properties and aids in growth and metabolism

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