Petha Big White (Price 4kg to 5kg and above per pc)

Rs. 210 Rs. 290

Benefits of Petha (White Gourd)-:

  • Ash gourd fruit is a common vegetable that might have nutritional and medicinal properties. The bioactive nutrients might show potential benefits in various chronic diseases.3 The properties of ash gourd juice are: 

    • It may be a potential prebiotic (produce good bacteria in the stomach) 

    • It might act as antacid (help acidity) 

    • It may act as detoxifacient (removes toxins from the body) 

    • It may have a potential  anti-inflammatory action  

    • It may help reduce fever 

    • It may have anxiolytic effect (relieve anxiety) 

    • It may have an anticonvulsant effect (help seizures) 

    • It might be helpful in depression  

    • It may act as an antioxidant 

  • Also called ash gourd

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