Organic Broccoli Microgreen (Price per pkt Approx. 30gms)

Rs. 110 Rs. 220
  • BROCCOLI MICROGREENS- A powerhouse of vitality in miniature form, introduce a mild and refreshing cruciferous zest to your culinary endeavors. These compact greens sprout and thrive swiftly, granting you a prompt source of homegrown excellence. Sporting delicate stems with a subtle hint of broccoli taste, they enhance salads and dishes with their vivacious presence. Chock-full of vital vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, broccoli microgreens Super-food Open pollinated Easy to grow Mild flavour Ready to eat in just 14 days Rapid growth Sweet, fresh flavor Nutrient-rich Ready to eat in approximately 20 days Rapid growth Peppery and zesty flavor Nutrient-rich Ready to enjoy in approximately 5 to 10 days provide a concentrated serving of health benefits. Their verdant appearance imparts a touch of sophistication to your meals, while their satisfying crunch delivers delightful texture.

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