Mongri Fali/Radish Pods (Price per 500gms)

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Radish PodsHealth Benefits-:

  • Description/Taste-:Radish pods vary in length and color, but generally, all Radish pods grow in taper-ended bean-like pods and carry one to two seeds, which only become distinguishable once mature. Coloring ranges from green to purple and all pods if left to mature will become dry and brittle. If harvested young, the pods will be crisp and succulent and bear the same peppery notes of the radish's edible root, yet more nuanced and refined. That peppery flavor is due to glucosinolates, which are trademark organic compounds that occur in nearly all of the Brassica family plants.

  • Radish pods are known to be rich in ascorbic acid, folic acid, and potassium

  • They are a good source of vitamin B6, riboflavin, copper, magnesium, and calcium.

  • One cup of sliced red radish bulbs is said to be beneficial for health issues including cough, gastric discomfort, and intestinal disorders.

  • It's also called mongri fali.

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