Mix Lettuce (Price per Pkt Approx. 125gms)

Rs. 85
  • Lettuce is a good source of iron and copper, which makes it a healthy food source for the treatment of anemia. The chlorophyll in lettuce also helps the body in hemoglobin production.
  • This is one of the best food sources for weight loss. High in fiber and rich in many minerals and vitamins, not only lettuce satiates hunger well but it also gives the body much-needed nutrition.
  • Lettuce being a good source of calcium, phosphorous and vitamin K protects and strengthens bone tissue. Eating lettuce can help menopausal women in maintaining bone health. Menopause often leads to osteoporosis or other bone problems. However vitamin K helps osteocalcin production, which is a protein essential for good bone health.
  • Lettuce promotes healthy skin and strengthens eyesight due to its high vitamin A content.

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