Lemon / Nimbu (Price per 250 gms)

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Here are some benefits from lemon-:

  • Benefits of Lemon Juice for Your Body

    In addition to its properties as a beauty treatment and health aid, there are many other uses for lemons. Whether you enjoy the fruit alone or with your morning tea, here are just a few reasons to embrace lemons and their juice:

    Relieves a sore throat.

    Warm water mixed with honey and lemon is a popular home remedy for people with sore throats. The mixture can provide soothing benefits for a sore throat during cold season. The Vitamin C in lemons also can help in the effort.

    May prevent and help fight cancer.

    Studies have shown lemons may have anti-cancer benefits. The chemical makeup of lemons can help prevent the development of oral tumors, according to one study. Others have linked citrus fruits and their juices to antitumor effects.

    Even chemicals in citrus fruits’ peels have been linked as potential anticancer agents.

    Prevents kidney stones.

    Lemon juice is shown to help prevent kidney stones by raising the urine’s citrate levels. Citrate binds to calcium, which helps keep kidney stones from forming.

    Aids in digestion.

    The peel and pulp of lemons contain an soluble fiber called pectin. It promotes the production of digestive enzymes in the liver, helping eliminate waste from your body.

  • It's also known as nimbu.

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