Leeks (Price per 250 gms)

Rs. 30 Rs. 65

Why leeks are good to eat-:

  • Protect Your Heart’s Health-: Leeks, especially wild ramps, are heart-friendly foods due to the amount of folate present in the whole length of the plant. This compound has been known to help protect blood vessel linings from damage.

  • Increase the Strength of Your Immune System-: Leeks present a significant amount of vitamin A which is vital in maintaining your immune system. This compound is helpful in reducing inflammation and strengthening the body, which helps fight infections.

  • Vital for The Health of Our Nervous System-: Leeks, among other green vegetables, are a source of vitamin B6, the one responsible for the health of our nervous system.

  • Leeks Improve Your Vision!-: Free radicals can represent a huge threat to your eyesight and vision. If not kept at bay, they can damage the surface of the eye, which could lead to eye disease and age-related degeneration.

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