Kundru (Price per 250 gms)

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Health Benefits Of Kundru -:

  1. Ivy gourd extracts blood sugar-: Ivy gourd is used in Ayurvedic medicines to treat diabetes. The stems of this climber plant and the leaves are cooked and consumed or added to soups. The raw leaves of ivy gourd or kundru have shown successful results in increasing glucose tolerance. By eating kundru vegetables in your diet a few times a week can do wonders in controlling blood sugar levels.

    2. Ivy Gourd Prevents Obesity-: Research indicates that ivy gourd has anti-obesity properties. What it does is that it prevents the pre-adipocytes from converting to fat cells. Ivy Gourd even increases the metabolic rate and has a lowering effect on the blood sugar level. Subsequently, it is used in many Indian recipes.

    3. Ivy Gourd for Fatigue-: Iron is an essential element for optimal bodily functions. Including iron-rich food in the diet is the key to avoiding fatigue. Anemia is often caused by iron deficiency in the body. Ivy gourd has 1.4mg of iron and thus is a valuable source of iron. This vegetable will keep you energized, healthy and fit. Iron deficiency can lead to several health ailments that can be corrected if this vegetable is consumed.

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