Kasuri Methi Green (Price per 500gms)

Rs. 44 Rs. 65

Benefits Of Adding Kasuri Methi To Your Daily Diet-:

Good For Bones And Overall Body Energy-: fenugreek leaves are a rich source of micronutrients that are great for your overall body. It has iron, calcium, and vitamins which keep your bones strong. Also, Kasuri methi helps in building the hemoglobin level of the body and keeps you energetic all day. 

Good For The Heart-: Consumption of these dry leaves helps in regulating the proper flow of blood through the body. This helps in improving your cardiovascular health. 

Benefits For Skin And Hair-:Adding Kasuri methi to your diet can do wonders for your hair and skin. It helps in the development of new cells in your skin and makes it look fresh and youthful. Talking about its benefits for the hair, it prevents premature greying. Kasuri methi is packed with essential vitamins and minerals which give the essential amount of nutrition to your hair. It also prevents hair fall


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