Grape Fruit Indian (Price per Pcs/Approx. 250gms to 300gms)

Rs. 48 Rs. 75

Benefits of Grapefruit-:

  • Reduces Acidity-: The citric acid contained in this bitter-sweet fruit creates an alkaline reaction post digestion. This, in turn, serves as a vital remedy against cold, cough, and flu. The bitter properties arising from an essence called ‘naringin' tone up the system and the digestive process. Having said this, the nutritionist points out that no single fruit can by itself prevent acidity.
  • Increases Metabolism and Weight Loss-: Scientists at the American Nutrition and Medical Research Centre showed that grapefruit contains unique plant compounds that reduce insulin levels and in turn promote weight loss.
  • Lowers Stroke Risk-: A study conducted by the American Heart Association (2012) highlights that eating higher amounts of grapefruit may lower ischemic (blood clot-related) stroke and intracerebral stroke risk.

  •  Boosts Vitality-: The Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition brings forth the point that Grapefruit may work on a cellular level, increasing the amount of ATP, which is an ornate way of referring to increased ‘cellular energy'. 

Its also called chakotara.

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