Drumsticks (Price per 250 gms)

Rs. 15 Rs. 30

Here are benefits of drumsticks or shahjan that you can’t miss out on

  • It maintains blood sugar levels-: Now, this is great news for people with diabetes. If you have high sugar levels, then you must include drumsticks in your diet. Drumsticks help in boosting the functioning of the gall bladder, which helps to maintain the blood sugar levels in the body.
  • It helps in boosting immunity-: Thanks to vitamin C and other antibacterial properties present in drumsticks, it helps in preventing seasonal infections like cough and cold.
  • Drumsticks help in blood purification-: The antibiotic agents present in the drumsticks improve blood circulation, which helps in improving the oxygen level in the blood as well. More oxygen means better quality of blood.
  • They are great to prevent respiratory diseases-: In covid times, drumsticks have proved to be a saviour in preventing respiratory illness. It is said that the novel coronavirus first hits the respiratory tract, which is why drumstick’s anti-inflammatory properties are going to be very helpful.
  • It is also known as shahjan ki fali.

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