Cucumber Seedless (Price per 250 gms)

Rs. 17 Rs. 24

Health Benefits of Eating Cucumber Seedless-:

  1. Cucumbers consist mostly of water, and they also contain important electrolytes. They can help prevent dehydration in hot weather or after a workout. For people who do not enjoy drinking water, adding cucumber and mint can make it more attractive. Staying hydrated is essential for maintaining a healthy intestine, preventing constipation, avoiding kidney stones, and more.
  2. Bone health-: Vitamin K helps withTrusted Source blood clotting, and it may support bone health.
  3. Diabetes-: Cucumbers may play a roleTrusted Source in controlling and preventing diabetes. It contains substances that may help lower blood sugar or stop blood glucose from rising too high.

  4. One theory is that the cucurbitacins in cucumber help regulate insulin release and the metabolism of hepatic glycogen, a key hormone in the processing of blood sugar.


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