Brinjal Small (Price per 250 gms)

Rs. 20 Rs. 35
  • Properties of Brinjal: 

    Brinjal is grown mainly for food and medicinal purposes. The bioactive components of this plant might have potential helpful properties. The properties of brinjal are: 

    • It may be an anti-oxidant (prevents oxidative stress) 

    • It may be an analgesic (reduces pain) 

    • It may be an anti-pyretic (reduces high fever) 

    • It may have an anti-inflammatory (reduces swelling) potential 

    • It may be an anti-asthmatic (prevents the attack of asthma) 

    • It might help with lipid-lowering 

    • It might help with blood pressure-lowering 

  • Also, know as Baingan

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