Banana stem (Price per Pc of 1 kg)

Rs. 22 Rs. 45

Benefits of Banana stem-:

  • Maintains your blood pressure: Banana stem juice is great for your health. Daily consumption of banana stem juice helps in lowering high blood pressure. These banana stem juice also helps in regulating your blood pressure.

  • Detoxification and digestion. The juice of the banana stem helps in flushing out toxins from the body. 

  • Treating kidney stones and UTI. 

  • Weight loss

  • Managing cholesterol and blood pressure

  • Healing acidity and gastric problems.

  • Prevents Anemia: Just like banana flower, banana stems are great for preventing Anemia. Banana stem is highly rich in Iron and Vitamin B6, which plays a major role in increasing the hemoglobin level of your body. Including banana stem juice in your regular diet helps in prevention of Anemia.

  • It is also called kele ka tana

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