Lettuce Romaine (Price per 500gms)

Rs. 60 Rs. 160

Possible health benefits of Romaine lettuce-:

  • Prevents Bone Loss-: This variety of lettuce has a rich supply of minerals, ranging from copper and iron to magnesium, manganese, and phosphorus, all of which can help increase bone mineral density. It is also high in vitamin K, which can optimize bone growth and prevent bone loss. As you age, it is important not to become deficient in any of these critical minerals, or your risk for osteoporosis will increase significantly.

  • Improves Heart Health-: There is a decent amount of iron found in the leaves of Romaine lettuce, which helps improve circulation throughout the body and prevents the risk of numerous heart conditions. Iron is a key ingredient in red blood cell production, which allows hemoglobin to carry more oxygen and nutrients to the parts of the body that need it most. This can increase energy levels and also speed the healing/repair process.

  • Improves Vision-: The beta-carotene, vitamin A and C, and other beneficial nutrients in this lettuce can directly impact the health of the eye. Beta-carotene breaks down into vitamin A, which combats the oxidative stress on the retina, thus preventing the development of macular degeneration and slowing the onset of cataracts. It can also prevent blindness or vision loss as you age.

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