My Mandi - 17-May-2022 FFG Farms update

I am happy to announce that our farms near Manali are producing excellent quality exotic vegetables like Broccoli, Pokchoy, Lettuce Iceberg, green leafy Zucchini Green and Yellow. We have a very robust production this year and the seeds that are used are of the best quality. Expecting good returns. Our team of 2 in Himachal are constantly in touch with the farmers, they fulfill all their requirements for fertilizers and pesticides. 

The weather in Bhuntar is ambient, with slight drizzle these days it will not damage the crop in anyway. FFG acquired these farms in 2016, we got into contract farming and explained the pros and cons to the farmers. It took 2 years for the farmer to realize that this is the best option as their produce is bought by FFG. The team ensures the payments are done on time, more farmers are joining this model and soon we will cross 100 families growing for FFG.

Sharing pics of the latest plantation.

Thanks for reading my blog.